Honduras Outreach

Honduras flag

We were in Honduras on June 22-25, 2018 teaching about Israel and the prophetic times to pastors and congregations, as well as leading Evangelist campaigns.

Estuvimos en Honduras del 22 al 25 de junio, 2018. Impartiendo conferencias sobre Israel y profecías, para pastores/líderes y congregaciones de Iglesias. También campañas evangelistas y seminarios para matrimonios.Honduras foto 2

Fue impresionante cómo Dios de Israel habló al pueblo de Honduras; estamos muy agradecidos con todos los que participaron y recibieron con fe, alegría y reverencia lo que Dios les derramó. Sabemos que Honduras no sera igual. Que hay un pueblo que ama y busca de Dios de todo corazón y que vienen cambios a nivel nacional en Honduras. Dios bendiga a Honduras!

Honduras is on fire for Israel and received CFI teachings with much excitement and joy. They are hungry for the Living God of Israel and all of His teaching, including the Hebrew Roots.  Hondurans are really understanding the blessings that come with blessing Israel, every day.  This is an awakening of the Central American Nations.  We witnessed many Pastors in 3 different places we presented, embracing CFI and the projects they are performing in the land of Israel.  They received the certificates for Churches for Israel and committed themselves to pray for Israel and support Israel in any way they can.  We were excited as well to witness some high ranking government officials in Honduras involved in this effort.

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